Newest Images: Dresden, GERMANY 
date: 16th august 2000 / 01:00 p.m.

We would like to say thanks to all the visitors of the „DOOMSDAY – The ORKUS Festival“ this year. Well, we had great weather, but it was a little bit too hot. We also saw an interesting line up of some very well-known artists from the independent music scene.

… Skinny Puppy …
This year we were allowed to witness of one the most beautiful and most impressive RE-UNION concerts ever. So many fans and activists in the underground music scene have hoped for so long to see Skinny Puppy again live on the stage.
Many thanks again from us to cEvin and Nivek for their vital work in music history (our respects to Dwayne), of which their impressive performance was proof enough!  Perhaps, Skinny Puppy could once again play live, if someone could organize a concert with an artistic concept to their liking! Thanks again to all of the representatives of the Press and Internet for their wonderful cooperation during these past weeks. Special thanks to the following for their support: Anja from the “ORKUS Musik Magazin”, Scott Graham , Corey Goldberg ( ... too bad you were not in Dresden ...! ) , Ned Kirby, Thomas Trautwein, Mindbase Stefan , “ZILLO Musik Magazin” and all of the other people who helped! We appreciate the work that Tessa, Tina and Travis, Alex Veronac, Krzysztof and Leszek, Coroner have done! We hope we can obtain copies and permission to use these photos! (We would like to show these pictures on our internet pages!)

Please send these to: or
IN MOVE GmbH, ATTN: Mario Seelig, Europark, Schulstraße 38, D – 09125 Chemnitz, GERMANY
I hope we can meet again soon!

Mario Seelig, Chemnitz/ GERMANY , 25th august 2000, ( IN MOVE GmbH / Online Promotion )